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Benefits of Ownership

Maximize your real estate investment with our Hotel Rental Pool Program. In addition owning in one of the city's most stylish addresses, owners have the opportunity to participate in the Hotel Rental Pool. Units in the program are made available to local and international guests for short and longer term rentals by our experienced hotel management. All aspects of the Hotel operation are cared for using the most sophisticated revenue management tools to ensure that each unit's revenue is maximized.

Even when your unit is unoccupied, you will earn money. A point value is attributed to each unit based on its size and location. Proportional monthly revenues are allocated to the owner based on availability of the unit in the Hotel Rental Program, regardless of the number of days that the unit is occupied

We monitor the unit and the Hotel's guest activity on a daily basis. This means that we deal with any issues that may arise immediately – day or night. We manage all ongoing maintenance and upkeep requirements. You'll also receive the added benefit of periodic refurbishments and renovations to your unit. Rest assured, you can benefit from your investment without the "landlord burden". We get the calls, you don't!

To ensure funds are available for periodic refurbishment and renovation, a monthly amount is withheld from profit distributions as a contribution to a dedicated Replacement Reserve Fund account.

By adding your suite to the Hotel Rental Program, you can still experience all that your suite has to offer. Owners have the right to use their suite or another like it whenever there is availability, subject to a maximum number of days per year. You and your guests can enjoy the benefits of a downtown full service luxury hotel. Remember, it's still your unit!

Our business, and your investment, relies on our solid reputation as one of Toronto's leading hotels. We're committed to maintaining that reputation now and in the future.

Ready to take advantage of our investment opportunity?

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