One King West Hotel & Residence’s Team of Wedding Specialists

Our team of dedicated Wedding Specialists is composed of Angela, Aileen, and Vanessa; three warm, welcoming and personable women who all play an integral role in ensuring that every One King West Hotel & Residence couple has the wedding they’ve always dreamed of. They are often referred to as our Dream Team and for great reasons. If you’re planning to host your special day at One King West Hotel & Residence, rest assured that you’ll be in great hands from start to finish! Here’s a bit more about them…

Angela has been with One King West Hotel & Residence for over 8 years now and although she experimented as a Reservation Agent and Sales Coordinator, she found that her incredible attention to detail was best suited for our team of dedicated Wedding Specialists. Being a certified Wedding Planner and having worked with around 250 One King West Hotel & Residence couples, Angela can offer great suggestions to enhance a wedding in every aspect.

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For over a year, Aileen has played an integral role on One King West Hotel & Residence’s team of dedicated Wedding Specialists. She makes a lasting impression on everyone she meets, but especially her couples due to her candour, her bright and welcoming smile, as well as her relatable charm. The brides and grooms who have worked closely with Aileen have attributed the ease of their planning to her ability to anticipate their needs before they are even aware of them.

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Vanessa joined One King West Hotel & Residence’s team of dedicated Wedding Specialists in early 2018. Having built her career in the hospitality industry, she is an expert at executing couple’s every dream to ensure a memorable and seamless day. She becomes fast friends with each couple as her warm personality and honest demeanor sets the tone of these special relationships which continue to grow throughout the planning process.

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To contact our Wedding Specialists for more information, they can be reached at 416-548-8200, or


Additionally, you may fill-out the form below and you will be contacted shortly by either Angela, Aileen or Vanessa for next steps!