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Wedding Specialists Q&A | Spotlight: Angela

Angela has been with One King West for over 8 years now and although she experimented as a Reservation Agent and Sales Coordinator, she found that her incredible attention to detail was best suited for our team of dedicated Wedding Specialists. Being a certified Wedding Planner, brides, and grooms are always assured that their dream wedding will not only come to life but will happen without a hitch. Having worked with around 250 One King West couples, Angela can offer great suggestions to enhance a wedding in every aspect, including the menu, décor, A/V, and flow.

Quick Q&A:

What drew you to the wedding industry?

I’m all about the little things, so I found an immediate love for building upon every detail that brings a wedding to life.

What do you find most rewarding about your role as a Wedding Specialist?

After months (and sometimes years) of collaborating with my couples and going over every last detail, it’s incredibly rewarding to arrive at their big day and witness their reactions as they realize their dreams have come true, and they’re about to marry their best friend. That look of complete and total happiness… There’s nothing quite like it.

From your first meeting with the engaged couple to the day-after the wedding, what’s your favourite moment and why?

When it comes to my favourite moment, I have to say it’s when my couples see the venue before the event officially begins. Although not everyone chooses to do this, I highly recommend it as this gives them a few minutes to soak everything in. Getting to observe this moment is very special. A close second is the ceremony when you see the two people you’ve worked so closely with saying “I do.”

What attracts couples to One King West?

The beautiful nature of our venues. The history and grandeur of the Grand Banking Hall, Chairman’s Boardroom and Austin Gallery have so much character and uniqueness that our couples appreciate as they want a wedding that will set them apart from everyone else’s.

Lightning Round…

Celebrity wedding you’d want to attend: JLo and A-Rod or Kate Perry and Orlando Bloom?

JLo & A-Rod

Kate or Meghan?


Jeans or dress?


The Wedding Planner or Bridesmaids?

Wedding Planner… Helloooo JLo!

Brad or George?

Brad… Those blue eyes…

Paris or London?

Can I say both?

Prosecco or wine?


The one thing you’d bring with you to a deserted island?

Any device that lets me play music!

Our Wedding Open House is on Sunday, January 20th and is the perfect opportunity to speak with Angela, Aileen or Vanessa to learn all about our wedding services. Newly engaged couples and industry professionals are invited to explore our elegant and timeless venues, sample Chef Sevilla’s culinary delights and chat with vendors.