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How we changed someone's life today

Passionate, attentive and caring, each member of the One King West team understands your need for true convenience and pure comfort. By anticipating, listening and looking after your individual expectations, our Service Team members 'go the extra mile' in order to make a real difference during your stay.

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Love & Marriage

At One King West we take pride in helping host wonderful wedding events year-round. It’s not every day, however, that we’re asked to stand in as witnesses! Such was the request asked of me by a young couple that was planning to spend a week at the hotel.

After many postponements in their plans, the Chicago bride and Hamilton groom had finally booked their stay at One King West, along with an appointment at Toronto’s City Hall for a civic wedding. With only a week to go before their visit, however, the couple learned that they needed to have two witnesses with them at City Hall. Neither the groom nor the bride had family in the area, so they reached out to me for help.

I shared the couple’s request with the staff at One King West and two employees immediately volunteered to participate, our Food & Beverage Manager, Mr. Bernard Heinicke, and our Revenue Manager, Mr. Greg Hives. Of course, the young couple was happily wed and went on to enjoy a fabulous honeymoon at One King West. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of it!

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Champagne romance

I had longtime guest tell me one day that he was to be visiting Toronto with his girlfriend, and was looking for some good recommendations on a romantic restaurant downtown. He liked my idea of taking her up to the 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, as I knew they had never been there before. On the day of the date, I called the 360 and ordered a complimentary bottle of champagne to be delivered to their table that night. The following day I found out that he had proposed to his girlfriend that night overlooking the city and she has accepted! He was extremely grateful for my help and said the champagne had helped set the mood perfectly.

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A thoughtful gesture

I always like to get to know my staff so that they are more comfortable with me and I with them. This opens up the channels for communication. During one such encounter, I found out that the mother of one of my staff had had a stroke due to ill health. I made the effort to call the employee each day for a week to find out how he was doing and more importantly how his mother was doing. It really matters to me that all my staff are happy and healthy and I do my best to make sure that they are.

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Sewing crisis

One early evening while I was working at Front Desk, a woman approached on her way out to an important work function. She had just noticed two buttons on her coat were missing. She asked where she could get them fixed. I explained that unfortunately all the cleaners and alternations stores in the PATH were already closed for the night. As she was clearly in a panic, I knew there had to be another option I could offer. I asked my manager to cover for me and took her jacket into the back office and sewed the buttons on myself. In a matter of minutes I handed her the newly mended coat and she whisked off to her event with an equally mended mood. The same woman then came to see me the next day. She explained that the meeting had been with her new boss and she very much wanted to make a good impression. She was very grateful to me for creating “a miracle”. I was just happy to help!

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A loss in our family

One client of ours is a meeting planner who comes in almost once a month. When she isn’t working an event, she would also come back to our hotel for a mini weekend getaway. On one particular occasion, she stayed overnight before flying to attend her father’s funeral. As she had long since become a member of One King West’s “family”, I sent off florals and condolences to the funeral home on behalf of the hotel. I also arranged for a card to be signed by all staff at the hotel, another floral arrangement of her favourite flowers and a special package of wasabi peas (which she loved) to be delivered to her home on the date she returned. Upon her return, she called to tell me that One King West was the first and only hotel she had ever dealt with that cared about her as a person and not just as a client. It was important for her to let us know that she felt we were truly genuine; an act of caring that went a very long way with her and her family. 

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Hockey Dreams

I received an email from a gentleman from Wales who was coming to Toronto and wanted to take his wife and ten year-old son to a hockey game, but was not able to get tickets. He asked whether I could help. I said I would try, but explained that Leaf tickets were a big item and hard to get, especially the particular game he wanted to attend. He thanked me and said he couldn’t believe that I even took the time to respond.

After a week or so, I emailed him with the good news that I was able to secure tickets for him. When they arrived several weeks later, I received a call that they were waiting for me in the lobby. I went down to meet them and they thanked me for all that we had done for them. The boy showed me several of the items that he had bought from the Hockey Hall of Fame. Although he purchased many items including several pro hockey jerseys, his most cherished item was a regular, old used puck. Not a new one with a team logo on it – just a plain puck.

After seeing this, I arranged to have an official game puck delivered to the boy in his seat during the first intermission. After their visit I received another email from the father. He said his son could not believe his eyes when the puck was delivered to him, and has not taken his hands off the puck since he got it. It is now prominently on display in his room. The son had said he will never forget his trip to Toronto nor what the Manager at One King West did for him. Neither, said his father, would his parents!

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The Birthday floor

A guest called to book a room for her husband’s birthday. I asked how old he was turning and she told me it was his 40th birthday. Since it was a special occasion, I offered her a complimentary upgrade for which she was very grateful. I was going to leave it at that but I asked her if there was anything else I could do to make his birthday special. She thought about it for awhile and then came up with the idea of requesting the 40th floor for his 40th birthday. She was so excited at the idea, it put a smile on my face. She said she was glad I had asked because she wouldn’t have thought about it otherwise.

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The honeymooner’s treat

A guest’s aunt sent us an email complaining that we failed to recognize her nephew’s marriage upon his and his wife’s arrival to the hotel. We had no idea that the guests were at the hotel on their honeymoon. As soon as I read the email, I arranged to have a special amenity sent up to the room.  Below is the reply email from the aunt.

Dear Melissa,
I would like to thank you and your staff for surprising My Nephew and his new wife. They both were pleasantly surprised when they returned to their room to find a voucher for dinner for two, champagne and strawberries.  My nephew and niece told me it was the highlight of their honeymoon being totally surprised like that and the dinner and champagne were excellent. The whole experience at One King West has made them feel that they made the right choice to have their honeymoon in Toronto. And they shall return every year for their anniversary. So thank you so much again, you surpassed our expectations of your hotel. 
Yours sincerely…

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